Name:  Darryl Rolark

Birthday:  October 17

Height: 5' 10"

Birthplace:  Chicago, IL

Marital Status:  Musically Married to "Melody"  with two children:  Harmony and Rhythm  (Really, these are key elements of music).

Favorite Food:  Chicken

Favorite Album:  "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis

Favorite Songs:  "Sailing" by Christopher Cross and "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash

Favorite Color:  Purple

Influences:  Herbie Hancock, Joe Sample, Gregg Karukas, Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, Chick Corea, Charles Earland, Will Downing

Worst Vegetables:  Okra (it's too slimy) and brussel sprouts (who eats these?)

Pet Peeves:  Profanity, violence, drama, discussing religion and politics.  

Daily Slogan:  "Live Love, Live Life"