The Making of Soulidify

SOULIDIFY is a project that I have been working on since the beginning of 2016.  Originally, it was suppose to fall right after the release of my CD "Smooth Elegance".  Due to the passing of my mother who went home to be with the Lord, the project took a backseat to take care of the family.  When 2017 started, recording resumed.  

     This was a project that I didn't want to release unless it had vocals.  My dream was to include vocals on one of my projects rather than using sampled vocals (something I'm not too fond of).  One of the songs did have sampled vocals which was the opening track, "Get On Up".  Along with the title track, "Let Love Arise", and "Giving My All 2 U", my goal was reached.  The first 6 songs on the project were more based in Soul/R&B than Smooth Jazz.  The last four tracks were considered Smooth Jazz ("Positive Perspective", "Heart & Devotion", "Love's Harmony", and "Lake View").

     In all I have felt I have achieved recording a project that was considered my first Soul/Funk/R&B album; something I've always wanted to do.  Some may not get the aspect of the recording at first, but after listening to it for a lengthy period of time, it becomes palatable. 

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