No One But God

No one can tell you that you’re unforgiving

When God knows that your life is worth living

No one can take away your grace and favor

When it is given to you by your Savior

No one can say you’ll never mount to anything

When God knows you will rise above everything

No one can say that you’ll never take the lead

When God knows that you will succeed

No one can say you’ll never rise to the top

When God’s promises never cease nor stop

No one can judge you based on perfection

When God’s love steers you in the right direction

No one can say you’re a sinner based on their ignorance

When God has granted you mercy & deliverance

Many times these haters don’t know what they’re saying

They probably don’t spend time worshipping or praying

These deceits are spoken from Satan’s claimed fact

Which is a bold-faced lie; you are much too good for that

If someone tells you that your life don’t stand a chance

Tell them that your God is bigger than life’s circumstance

The truth of life from the righteous kingdom remains true

No one knows your life better than God and you


Poetically Spoken,

D. Rolark

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