There are many languages spoken around the globe. Of all the languages known, music is the universal language that everyone understands and the only one which connects us in harmonic unity. In addition, it is a force that heals the soul.” - D Rolark

D Rolark

Multi-Instrumentalist; Composer; Producer; Recording Artist; Independent Award Recipient; 

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D Rolark Musical & Poetic Vision

D Rolark Musical & Poetic Vision





As 2021 enters the second month of the year, it has started off gaining new fans and listeners on Spotify with the release of Tonality.   Four singles has been released which has totaled, so far, over 60,000 streams.   Tonality has garnered massive airplay on various music platforms which led to D Rolark having his own radio station on Spotify.   The current four singles ("Tonality", "Happiness Is You", "Effervescence", and "Beautiful Soul") from the album has gained massive airplay on various Smooth Jazz and R&B internet radio stations globally from London to Spain and here in the United States.   

In addition, D Rolark's 2019 album, This Moment, has been re-issued and 6 tracks have been released on Spotify which has reached 30,000 streams, making it (and Tonality) the fastest growing releases so far to date. 

In case if anyone is wondering, D Rolark has been, still is, and always will be a member of the cover band, Da Fellas Band, currently celebrating 24 years of Jazz (both Straight Ahead and Smooth), R&B, Pop, Classic Rock, and Dance Music.  Although the shows that they do are mostly private events, their touring schedule is massive.  D Rolark serves not only as the co-founder of the band, but also the Music Director of the band.


In the months ahead, not only more singles will be released from Tonality, but a new album is in the works for a Summer 2021 release.  Another plus, by popular demand from fans globally,  is the re-release of the single, "Struttin'", from the 2015 release, Smooth Elegance.   In the Fall of 2021 is the long-awaited Christmas album which will finally be released in the Fall of 2021, "A D & D Connection Christmas",  a holiday duo collaboration featuring Dawn Rolark on Electric/Synth Violin,  


This is all part of D Rolark's vision as a musician, songwriter, composer, and producer. 


As everybody is aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread globally, but since then, vaccines have been discovered and more people are getting them.  In 2020, venues all over the globe have been shut down to prevent the spread of the virus; but as the positivity rate decreases, venues are starting to gradually re-open with safety guidelines.  Although this is promising news, it is strongly advised to continue wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and maintaining social distancing.    The more people abide by these rules, the faster the outbreak can be stopped.  As it is written, no weapon formed against anyone shall prosper.  We pray that everyone is kept safe during this time, and to those who are affected, that healing and recovery is provided.  Together, people are getting through these challenging times and this too shall pass.   Although many things were cancelled, including shows, the power of music always triumphs over all distractions and sorrows that the world tries to throw at so many individuals.  During these times, music is still being composed and several live videos are being posted on social media throughout the month of May.